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Just one of your recipients needs to realize how completely stupid and unacceptable it is for a business to be run in the way that caused your complaint. June 12 To Whom It May Concern: Last evening I called 1.800.

COMCAST in order to set up a transfer service appointment for my impending move from one county to the next.

I have been a loyal Comcast customer despite more than one instance of dissatisfaction over the last year (over billed, poor service, empty offers, followed by more inaccurate bills, etc.).

-MB I'll be sure to pass on your feedback about Weatherscan.Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.-GT The reason you can only watch shows in your home is a complicated transfer of content rights issue between the network and content providers from one platform to the next (your box to the app).What I fail to understand is if he is a non-technical supervisor, how is he qualified to answer these types of questions, let alone instruct others?Further more, all he was able to do was reiterate what Janet had told me, which is what he told her.

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