Dating a married catholic all dating lesotho

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Several researchers examining the attitudes toward first marriage of 800 young adults ages 19 through 26 use the term "marital horizon" to talk about what young adults think is the ideal age for getting married.They found that having a more distant marital horizon was directly related to more risky premarital beliefs and behaviors.

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As scripture says in what is both an encouragement and a warning, "You reap what you sow." A sobering example of this was found in the research on women by Jay Teachman from Western Washington University.

Reggie walked into my counseling office when he had just turned 23 years old.

He was the personification of the current dating attitude that marriage was nowhere in sight and hooking up had no future consequences.

How can we support marriage and stop the rising age of marriage?

Societal attitudes will have to change, but that starts with individuals deciding to date in ways that will honor their future spouse and marriage.

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