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He held me, stroked my arm and belly, held my hand, kissed the top of my head (which I personally think is an intimate thing people in relationships do) etc I just thought we'd have a few cuddles, bit of a snog and watch the film so I was quite surprised!

I'd love to save myself for someone who wants the whole package but it doesn't seem to be forthcoming so I'm taking what I can get until it does come along.

But do beware as broaching the matter if your friend is not so inclined could spoil your friendship.

Raise it up as a general question to see what he feels about the subject in its own rights In my opinion it never works as one party always gets emotionally involved, I speak from experience these things never work and also I came to think why am I allowing myself to settle for less.

He's just split up with his ex a few weeks back and I've now been single about six months and we're both missing the hugs and kisses you get when you're with someone.I'm actually going to one of them's wedding next month.He is marrying an absolutely fabulous woman and she's perfect for him whereas I would have probably been forced to kill him and hide his body under a patio if I'd been his partner.So last night I went round and we cuddled up on his bed to watch a dvd.We had a bit of a kiss and cuddle but that is honestly as far as it went - this time and I have to say it was a really lovely evening.

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