Indian guy dating an american girl

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If you talk to one of the girls in the class, then your Indian girlfriend will ask you thousands of questions like “Why You Went After Her” And “Why Were You Smiling During Conversation”.

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Hippie in Heels has been featured in ELLE magazine, Tripadvisor, and Thomas Cook.Please tell me if this is true love or love just based on money.Even if it’s not your mistake you still have to bow down in front of your girl because she’s a typical Indian, how unfair is that?If you have ever dated an Indian girl then surely you have received these two words as a text message. ) She can control when, where and how you go somewhere, but you can never ever do the same to her. She wants to know everything about you, literally everything.This constant “awwwww” and “hmmm” is very annoying. As soon as you try to, you will get a reply back, “You are too controlling, it’s my life, I will live the way I want.”Ya, only you’ve got a LIFE. But she will never reveal anything about her, no matter how much you ask.

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