Validating a checkbox using javascript

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This technique is called "virtualization" or "lazy load". Instead of using pagination I want entries to be loaded and added to the list when the user reaches the end of the list when scrolling down the list.That way the user can view the entire list just by scrolling down. What React libraries are there to help me implement infinite scroll view? The W3C added a specification for `position: sticky` which is great but not implemented in all browsers yet.And I don't want to use `position: fixed` because the element should scroll along the rest of the content and should "detach" itself when needs be.Basically the element should switch between "position: static" and "position: fixed".Instead the user should be able to type text and then only options matching the text are shown to him in a dropdown. What are the typeahead libraries for React out there?

What libraries can I use to easliy implement such carousel with React?

Our app is a social news site and we are using React. All kinds of ways to print times, dates, and time-agos in a readable fashion are interessting to us.

We are showing lot's of dates and we want to display them a nice human readable format. I'm interested in libraries that help display a single image to the user. I'm not interessted in image manipulation libraries but only in libraries that help show an image to the user.

The little popup should be displayed when the user cursor hovers the element and should disappear when the cursor moves out of the element. I have a large list of several thousands of entries that I want to show to the user.

I want to dispaly the entire list without pagination.

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