Vb updating textbox value

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The cursor location determines whether the cursor is stored on the client or the server, specified by the values ad Use Client and ad Use Server, respectively. Client-side cursors often support more features than server-side cursors (the reason this sample application is using a client-side cursor is because we want to use Absolute Position property later, which only works with a client-side cursor).

On the other hand, server-side cursors usually build faster but often support fewer features that client-side cursors.(default) Used to open a forward-only cursor.

Dispose() ' tried commenting this out - no change End Try End Sub ' fires from handler, when output data rcvd from process Public Sub process_Output Data Received(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Data Received Event Args) ' called as the handler for data output being detected in the redirect Update Text Box(e.

Begin Error Read Line() Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("error" & ex. Close() ' tried commenting this out - no change m Process.

Along with this, as your applications become more and more complex you will probably not want to rely on Visual Basic's data controls, but instead use the ADO objects directly. The concept behind Visual Basic ADO was Universal Data Access (UDA), where one database access method could be used for any data source; it was designed to replace both DAO and RDO.

DAO remains a viable technology for interacting with MS Access databases as it is faster than ADO for that purpose; however, ADO is more flexible – using ADO, one could develop a prototype database application using MS Access in the back-end, and with a "flick of the wrist" (i.e., with very little coding changes) "upsize" that same application to use Oracle or SQL Server.

Note 3: I tried Events, as many internet posts suggest, but that does not refresh the textbox in real time either. when I put a breakpoint in the Update Text Box() sub and let it run one call at a time, the GUI actually DID update the textbox at each line BUT when I run the code without the breakpoint, the textbox does NOT update for each line.

In the VB4 and VB5 worlds, RDO was the main method used to interact with client/server databases.This tutorial describes how you can use ADO objects in VB6.Now days, almost any time you write full fledged database application you will want to use ADO. Prior to VB6 and the introduction of ADO (Active X Data Objects), VB programmers would generally use DAO (Data Access Objects) to interact with local databases such as MS Access and use RDO (Remote Data Objects) to interact with client/server databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.Private Sub cmd Read Fields_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Output Data Received, Address Of process_Output Data Received Add Handler m Process. Error Data Received, Address Of process_Output Data Received ' handlers should send both output and errors to same handling sub ' now can call the c program in a process (separate thread) and redirect the output to the textbox Dim start Info As New Process Start Info start Info.

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