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A., where Delores had moved with her mother and three sisters in 1968.The couple married in 1972, when the Jackson 5 was at the height of its success.“She knew how dedicated the boys would have to become.” The family business nonetheless held a strong allure for the brothers. was still in diapers, holding a microphone, trying to dance and sing, and he couldn’t even talk yet.” The boys’ uncle Michael also exerted a strong influence.“My dad has footage of us as little kids singing to the music of the Jackson 5,” says Taj. “He’s been here for us since day one, whether helping with school or problems with friends,” says Taryll.My aim is to inspire,enlighten,entertain anyway i can. They are actually close and even in the same social circle.Way back in 1994 Since they are not together now they obviously broke up and no one knows why because that seems to be a well kept secret.Hoping she wasn’t seriously injured, the boys arrived at the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital in Inglewood, Calif., and asked her doctor how she was doing. Shocked and grief-stricken, the brothers at first did not contest preliminary findings that their mother’s death was accidental. After going into the house briefly, Bohana told investigators, he returned to find Delores’s body at the bottom of the pool.But three months later her sons’ growing suspicions about the circumstances of her death—their mother, they knew, could not swim—were confirmed when the L. County district attorney’s office reopened the case following a coroner’s report that numerous contusions, lacerations and abrasions found on her body suggested she was the victim of a “non-accidental…assisted drowning.” Frustrated because the district attorney’s office has yet to prosecute the case, the Jackson family filed a wrongful death suit against Bohana in August, a year after Delores’s death.

Kourtney and Taryll are buddies which may also rule out a messy breakup.

” Says Taj: “In the end, it inspired us.” Despite their musical ambitions, the brothers are determined to continue their education. found comfort in his relationship with girlfriend Kim Kardashian, the 15-year-old daughter of O. Simpson’s lawyer Robert Kardashian and his former wife Kris Jenner. “She dropped everything to be with me.” At the same time, Taryll and Taj took off a semester from Loyola and gradually came to the conclusion that rather than abandon the career that their mother, who acted as 3T’s manager, had encouraged, they should carry on.

Taryll, the first member of the Jackson family to attend college, and Taj both go to L. J., now a senior at Buckley, maintains a 3.5 grade-point average. “We became extra close when my mom passed away,” T. Last year the brothers returned to the studio to continue working on , which they completed last July and dedicated to their mother.

“It’s plain to see that it was more than a simple drowning,” says Tito of the suit, which details 58 injuries suffered by Delores, including fingernail gouges found on her breasts.

“My sons came to me and said, ‘Dad, don’t let him get away with this.’ ” In the suit the Jacksons hypothesize that Bohana, a Denny’s restaurant franchise-holder who had filed for Chapter 13 in April, beat and then drowned Dolores, whom he’d been dating for nine months, when she refused to help him out of his financial difficulties.

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